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Belgium Beer Cafes - NSW

Open Plan Kitchen - The Rocks

Project: Belgian Beer Cafes

Location: Cammeray, The Rocks & Balmain- Sydney

Sitting Area opposite bar - The Rocks
Design Criteria:
The Belgium Beer Cafe is a franchise concept by Creneau International & Inbev.
Atelier One has been implementing the construction of the three Belgium Beer Cafes in Sydney.
The intention was to introduce the rich Belgian beer culture and complementing gastronomy abroad. The model refers back to the cafe tradition from the 1920s but it also draws from later sources, such as the influence of the Thirties and Forties.

High ceilings with chandeliers - The Rocks

Detail of sitting area - The Rocks

Facade - Balmain

Sitting area - Balmain

Sitting area - Balmain

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