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Lake Eildon Boat Club - VIC

Lake front elevation
Project: Eildon Boat Club

Location: Lake Eildon VIC.

Aerial View
Design Criteria:
Set in a eucalypt forest, the site is in the high country of North Eastern Victoria and is hallmarked by its unique duality of being sub-alpine and poised on the edge of a large body of water.
The economy of the scheme has been achieved through the use of prefabricated building elements and efficient planning. The building embraces the principles of sustainable architecture including: water retention, solar collection, natural ventilation and passive solar design.

The first impression is an ordered and imposing facade suggesting a highly functional facility. From the lake, the building has a strong sense of movement towards the water, and it is recognisable at a great distance to the returning boaters.
The building springs from a battered stone wall, rising in horizontal bands to a liner-like facade accentuating its nautical character.

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