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Rock House Hotel - Jamaica

Renovated Building

Project: Rockhouse Hotel

Location: Negril - Jamaica

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Design Criteria: The design principles behind the project at the Rockhouse resort are simple. Evolving directly from the natural surroundings, the beauty of the Caribbean and the location on Pristine Cove provided a fertile source for design ideas. Emphasis was placed on simple and strong forms – the hotel is designed to be a harmonious and respectful insertion into its jungle-like environment.

Swimming pool Area
Choice of materials also became important – local timber and thatch were chosen to merge with the fully-grown garden. The use of stone was inspired by the surrounding volcanic rock landscape.

Yoga Room
Inserting man-made elements that did not compete with the unspoiled site required the development of a harmonious relationship. This became the primary focus of the design.

Sunset Bar

Bar Restaurant

Spa Entrance

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